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Meet Matthew Littlemore

Matthew Littlemore is a global financier located in Orlando, FL

As an experienced global financier located in Orlando, Florida, Matthew Littlemore is originally from the United Kingdom. A strong leader in his field, Matthew has over 15 years of experience in finance and business intelligence. These immense experiences have all contributed to the numerous successes of his professional career. Throughout his extensive and successful career, Matthew has driven substantial business turnarounds, worked through acquisitions, has had successful ERP upgrades, and managed international expansion.

Matthew Littlemore also holds experience in transfer pricing and tax strategy; his extensive financial expertise and analytical approach to work have naturally set him apart from his peers. Matthew has proudly worked in Europe, Asia, and North America, making him a successful global professional who has gained vast experience in new areas through extensive business travel.

Matthew began his career as an analyst for the Bank of Scotland where he was able to learn the ins and outs of finance on the job, teaching and preparing him for his successful future endeavors. Throughout the years, Matthew proved his financial expertise in a number of different finance and business operations roles. Matthew received his education from St. Hugh’ College, University of Oxford, and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Following his graduation, he went on to work for large financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley, Central Pacific Bank, and Apollo Group where he held a variety of roles that he would be able to apply to his future finance and business career.

As Matthew Littlemore climbed the industry ladder, he became the Group Finance Director and Treasurer for an international food and beverage company based in Chicago, Illinois. Here, Matthew oversaw all debt financing and budget responsibilities. His efforts drastically reduced the multimillion-dollar food company’s debt leverage, in just a short three-year span. As a very detail-oriented and technically minded individual, Matthew’s professional career has provided experience from many different areas.

Later in his career, Matthew was hired as a CFO for a large healthcare company based in the greater Chicago area. Over his professional career, Matthew Littlemore has cleaned and managed business data on behalf of many large organizations, helping to enable them to make smarter, more data-driven decisions on both a proactive and reactive basis.

Following his time as a CFO, Matthew also served as the Finance Director of Technicolor, HES Europe, and the CFO of a large manufacturing company that developed AC and roofing units. As a forward-thinking and analytics individual, he is able to guide organizations to take on new initiatives while mitigating the risks that they may offer to the business.

Over the years and his career, Matthew has delivered on major projects and has obtained three successful ERP upgrades over the years. Matthew’s significant areas of expertise include but are not limited to strategic planning and execution, financial modeling and forecasting, organizational design, banking structure and relationship management, business intelligence and data governance, financial responsibility, and mergers and acquisitions.

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